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31 Posts In 31 Days… Challenge Met!

It’s been quite a month! 31 Posts in 31 Days for a new blogger was a real challenge, but one in which I am glad I participated. I have learned so much over this past month: how to use different … Continue reading

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A Bloggy Pinterest Scavenger Hunt

It’s a Scavenge Hunt … How Fun!!! So, here’s the gist… The object of this Scavenger Hunt is to obtain a variety of helpful posts, tips, and tricks for bloggers to help make blogs better (one for each letter of … Continue reading

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Monday Mournings – Child Support Hula Hoops

Why Can’t Things Be Simpler? Saturday, I went to the mailbox and found a letter from Child Support Services. I was excited. I thought maybe they had gotten things settled and payments would roll in anytime now. WRONG! It was … Continue reading

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Go Ahead…Sing Karaoke! #2

… It’s Time to Sing Karaoke! Welcome to the 2nd edition of Go Ahead…Sing Karaoke on Life With Lorelai. Whether you are a seasoned karaoke singer, or just someone who sings in the car or shower, exercise your vocal chords … Continue reading

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You Calling Me Versatile? I Resemble That!

It’s a Happy Saturday! Looky what I woke up to … How cool is that? This is my second Blog Award…I’m so excited and very honored! In my About Lorelai Page, I mentioned that, “This blog will be a varietal … Continue reading

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Citrus, Chili, Cilantro Marinade with Printable Recipe

Citrus, Chili, Cilantro Marinade Luke and I love to barbecue! Last summer we fell in love with a marinaded chicken that we purchased at Fresh and Easy, but it is not always available, so I thought I would try to … Continue reading

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Bathroom Bliss – A Few Cleaning Tips

Bathroom Bliss? This looks more like a Disaster! This is our newly remodeled upstairs bathroom. The Christmas flood was good for something at least. Obviously it is not finished just yet since it has no mirror, but that will come … Continue reading

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Locks of Love

Got Hair? How about donating some of it? My daughter, Rory, has a Mitochondrial Disorder that she has suffered with her entire life. When she was young (2-8 years old), she would periodically have to deal with Alopecia Areata, where … Continue reading

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Updated: About Lorelai and How To Revamp Your About Page

Check out my newly updated About Lorelai Page! The SITSgirls and The Thinking Closet posted How To Revamp Your About Page. I had actually done fairly well on my first pass of this ever-changing page when I first created my … Continue reading

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DIY – Bug Umbrellas For Party Drinks

Delightful, whimsical, playful Bug Umbrellas for the drinks at your next party ~ I saw an article in the Orange County Register about this clever little idea over the weekend. Look at those bug umbrellas…ADORABLE! The simplicity and cuteness are … Continue reading

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