Happy 18th Birthday, Rory!

Rory - Newborn Photo - 7-6-95

Rory – Newborn Photo – 7-6-95

The Life and Times of Lorelai “Rory” Leigh…

Rory - 18 monthsRory - 3-yrs-old - preschool photoRory dancing with her Godmother, Mia - 7 or 8-yrs old

18-months, 3-years old – preschool, 8-years old – Dancing with her Godmother.

Rory - as Norma Gene, Angel with Attitude - Christmas Play 2006 - rz11-years old – Rory was the star of the Christmas Play in 2006 –

as Norma Gene, Sassiest Angel in Heaven!

Play-Doh Snowball FightRory's 13th Birthday

Rory has spent a multitude of time in the hospital.

Play-doh Snowball Fight in the hospital garden, and her 13th Birthday.

Rory - playing with the webcam

A little Web-Cam fun…

15-years oldSadie Hawkins Dance - 3-11-2011 resize

15-years old – 1st day of Sophomore year; the Sadie Hawkins Dance with Dean.

Rory at The Painted Turtle Camp - 2011

Rory went to her first ever Summer Camp at The Painted Turtle. We had never spent a night apart. It was a wonderful experience for the both of us. (The Painted Turtle is a camp created by Paul Newman where children with medical issues can experience normal-life activities, like horseback riding, swimming, and everything else that goes along with summer camp. It is truly an amazing place!)

16-years oldRory as Tonks from Harry PotterRory and Boyfriend - 2011Rory and Paris April 2011 - rz

Rory – 16-years old.

1st day of Junior year; Dressed up as Tonks, from Harry Potter, for the midnight premier of the last HP movie; Rory finds a boyfriend at Sugar Plum Boutique; and at Disneyland with her life-long best friend, Paris.

Senior PromRory, 17-years old, ready for Senior Prom (in a free dress she was given and that I made a detachable asymmetrical attachment for), and a new hair cut for GraduationNew Hair Cut for Graduation.

Time to Graduate High School…

Rory and Lane Graduate High School

Rory and Lane – High School Graduates, Class of 2013!

Happy 18th Birthday, Ladybug!

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19 Responses to Happy 18th Birthday, Rory!

  1. Angie says:

    Happy Birthday Rory!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday and congratulations! =)

  3. Frances D says:

    Happy Birthday. You picked such lovely photos. She has the face of an angel! Wishing her love and happiness always and always.

  4. Happy Birthday Rory! You did great job choosing the photos. She’s beautiful. Nice job with her graduation dress as well.

    • Thanks, GUM… That dress is quite a story (the Pay-it-Forward type). I’ll have to post about it sometime. It really did turn out nicely, and it looked beautiful on her. πŸ™‚

  5. Happy Birthday Rory! And congrats on graduating high school! The world is your oyster!

  6. ~manasa~ says:

    Neat collection of the photographers right from toddler. πŸ™‚

    Via NaBloPoMo

  7. Kennie says:

    What a beautiful girl! Happy Belated Birthday Rory!

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