Meet Tin Man…

Tin Man  - A Rose Bush in Luke's Garden

Tin Man – A Rose Bush in Luke’s Garden

Luke grows the most beautiful roses in his yard. While working in the flower bed yesterday, we noticed this heart in the plant, and affectionately named the bush, Tin Man. Look, you can even see the break in Tin Man’s heart from when Dorothy left Oz.

Several of Luke’s rose bushes have names, it’s kind of a quirky thing we do, but at least we easily know which bush we are talking about. Luke’s friend Rick (his real name is Ricky Joe) fell into one of the bushes near Luke’s front door one drunken St. Patrick’s Day night, and that started the whole thing… There are four bushes (two on each side of Luke’s front door) which are named Fred, Ethel, Lucy, and Ricky Joe…you guessed it, I Love Lucy! Then there was Lonesome George, a bush on the far side of the garage all by himself (the neighbor has now planted a peach tree nearby, which George seems to be flirting with), and a bush that Luke threatened to yank out of the ground because he wasn’t doing well…he called him Weak Wendell. Wendell listened to the threat and is now thriving and no longer weak.

Well, it’s fertilizing day…back off to the garden I go…

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9 Responses to Meet Tin Man…

  1. Precious! I’ve named my vehicles, I drive Creepy Suzie, and my computers, I’m currently working on Gunter. Love it! Give “Tin Man” my best, would you?

  2. Super fun! Probably best to keep Lucy and Ethel separated!

  3. Perhaps naming my plants is the key to getting them to grow…

    Kristen from The Road to Domestication

  4. I haven’t named anything besides my kids and did a great job I think. Maybe I should start naming a few other things. ๐Ÿ™‚

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