It’s A Selfie… Post DMV!

Lorelai - August 1st 2013 - post DMV - picmonkey

It’s Driver’s License Renewal Day!

And this is my Post-DMV Selfie!

I had gotten three renewals by mail, so I HAD to go down to the DMV for a “lovely photo op”…Yippee! I went online and scheduled my appointment for 10 AM. I showed up a few minutes early, and didn’t have to wait terribly long for my turn. I was actually shocked.

I was eye-tested, thumb-printed (twice), paid my $32, and had my picture taken…Say Cheese!

I was out of the DMV before 10:30 with my renewed license. I am so happy it didn’t take all day. Now I just have to wait to see how awful the photo is on the Driver’s License.

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20 Responses to It’s A Selfie… Post DMV!

  1. That’s quick! And you look lovely, by the way. In Texas we have to wait for our license to arrive in the mail too, but in Arizona they let you see your photo immediately and retake your photo a few times if you weren’t satisfied with it! AND if you waited around another 10-15 minutes you could leave with license in hand! We just need to rest of the country to catch up with this better system!

  2. Wow that was fast. Even being military in uniform it usually take a lot longer than that for me. Great looking picture btw. 🙂

  3. ann1022 says:

    You are so accomplished and very organized I think. I loathe dealing with the the DMV but is sounds as if you sailed through due to careful planning. Your photo is lovely so I know it isn’t the one taken by the DMV; that will look much like a convict’s mug shot! 🙂
    You go girl!

    • Thanks… yep, I’m waiting to see just how bad the mug shot will be. I did get lucky last time around and got a nice photo (that’s one reason I didn’t want to have to change it now). LOL

  4. Wish we could schedule appointments with our DMV! Lucky you and what a lovely selfie you took! =)

  5. iammegblog says:

    I wish our DMVs would have online scheduling that would make things so much easier! Also you look great!

  6. Beautiful selfie!! And that was a quick trip! I don’t think I was ever in and out of the DMV that fast! No matter what day of the week I decide to go!

  7. meekoli says:

    That was mighty fast to get your renewal! Photo looks great! That’s a good lowwwww price for the license! Where I live, its over $62 bucks just for that!

  8. Simply Linda says:

    That was fast!
    In NB, Canada, they show you your picture and retake if your don’t like. We get our renewed licence right away. They print it there. Take maybe a whole minute to get it back. It’s 52$ to renew. But the wait to get to the booth may be long some day. It’s a walk-in system.

    • I wish we could get ours right away. the guy wasn’t even going to give me back my license, I had to ask for it. He punched a hole in it…but I had to have some form of picture ID…not just the interim slip of paper he handed me. I wonder what happens with people who forget to ask for theirs back?

  9. Love Joy says:

    Pretty Lorelai 🙂 and your blog have an awesome revamp 🙂

    • Oh thanks, LJ… I wanted to change it up a little.I’m thinking maybe a different background every month. We’ll see.I wish I could change my header, but I on free wordpress and I think I’m stuck with that.

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