15 Tips & Tricks – Organize Your Home

15 Tips & Tricks - Organize Your Home - Life With Lorelai | Life With Lorelai

You may have read on my blog before, here and here that I am still trying to recover from an upstairs bathroom flood, which caused a waterfall in my living room for over 5 1/2 hours, just 5-days before Christmas last year. On top of this monumental disaster, I am trying to de-clutter and re-organize my home. I live in the house I grew up in with my daughter Rory. So, after 42-years and 4-generations, there is LOTS of work to be done around here.

Pinterest is an amazing source for organizational tips and tricks. I am gathering quite a collection of Pins on my Pinterest Board. I thought I would share a few of those Pins with you, and I hope you will SHARE This Post with others too!

Let’s Get Organized!

In Southern California, flip flops are almost everyday wear. So, needless to say, we have a lot of them around our house. Here is a fantastic way to control the flip flop clutter and abolish the flip flop black hole that steals away just the flip without the flop. And bonus, you get to re-purpose those awful wire hangers you get from the dry cleaners! Make a set for a friend for Christmas.

Flip Flop Hangers DIY - Organize | Life With Lorelai

Organize Your Flip Flops with re-purposed Wire Hangers!
DIY Tutorial

In case you are short on hanging closet space, here is another great idea for flip flops…

Flip Flop Holders - Organize | Life With Lorelai

Flip flop organizer for closet – use Letter Organizers. Clever if I do say so myself.

Do you hate digging through your “Junk Drawer” looking for things? Get all those small loose things organized.

Labled Mint Tins - Organize | Life With Lorelai

Labeled mint tins (or similar) as a solution to organize “Junk Drawer” items.

What do you do with all of your Big Ticket Receipts, Manuals, and Warranties for your household appliances, electronics, gadgets, furniture, decor, etc.? Here is a neat way to stay organized and have everything you need at your fingertips.

Organize Big Ticket Receipts-Manuals-Warranties - DIY Tutorial | Life With Lorelai

How To Organize Big Ticket Receipts, Manuals, & Warranties. However,I keep all of my vehicle maintenance and repair paperwork in a separate folder tucked under the floor mat in the back of my Suburban. This way the records are handy when I need them.
DIY Tutorial

Try this adorable and inexpensive idea for your Grocery List, Message Center, or Reminder Station!

List or Note Station DIY Tutorial | Life With Lorelai

Awesome Grocery List, Message Center, or Reminder Station Idea!
DIY Tutorial

If you’re like me, you have a collection of gift wrap, tissue paper, and bags that need to be organized and managed. Check out this awesome idea.

Gift Wrap Organization DIY Tutorial | Life With Lorelai

What a great way to store Gift Wrap, Tissue Paper, and Bags! DIY Tutorial

Have you ever had to lift a bunch of pans to retrieve one from the bottom of the nesting pile? It can be heavy, especially if you have some cast iron skillets in the mix. Here is a solution to that problem, and it keeps things neat and organized.

Kitchen Cookware Oragnizers | Life With Lorelai

You can remove one pan without having to remove them all. Turn a vertical bakeware organizer on its end and secure it to the cabinet wall with cable clips.

Tired of fumbling through your gadget drawer hunting for measuring spoons? Ever have to try to convert measurements after a long hard day when your brain just does not want to focus on math? Look at this really cool idea!

Measuring Conversion and Organization Chalkboard and Hanger DIY Tutorial | Life With Lorelai

Make this Chalkboard Hanger for Measurement Conversions and Measuring Utensil Organization. DIY Tutorial

Don’t know what to do with those bulky small appliance attachments like dough hooks, whisks, and batter paddles? Now you do…

Appliance Attachment Organization DIY | Life With Lorelai

Get bulky small appliance attachments and gadgets out of your drawers. Organize Your Kitchen For Cheap. DIY Project

Can’t find the right lids for your Plastic Storage Containers? Keep them organized with this simple trick.

Organize Plastic Storage Container Lids with CD Holder | Life With Lorelai

Use a CD Rack as an Organizer for Plastic Storage Container Lids.

Need to pull one cord, but you don’t know which is the correct one? Here is an easy solution.

Bread Tab Cord Labels - Organize | Life With Lorelai

Label Closing Tabs from bread wrappers and the like, and attach them to the appropriate cords. Simple, yet a HUGE problem-solver.

You have loads of chargers and cords for you phones, computers, cameras, music players, etc. How do you keep track of which charger goes to which gadget?

Organize Electronics - Label Chargers and Cords | Life With Lorelai

Label your charger and cord with the name of the item it goes with. Lots of organizing tips for electronics here.

Hate those unruly Cords in your drawer? Try this little DIY Project to tame the wily beasts.

Organize Your Cords DIY Project with toilet Paper Rolls | Life With Lorelai

Use empty Toilet Paper Rolls to hold Cords and store easily. Decorate with tape, stickers, ribbons, or drawings. If you wanted, you could even label them for what product the cord belongs. If it’s an extension cord, label how long it is.

I cannot stand the tangle of wires and cords laying about underneath desks, entertainment centers, etc. This is an awesome idea.

Keep the Cords Off the Floor with a Wire Basket - Organize | Life With Lorelai

Use Hook Screws to attach a Wire Basket under the desk to keep cords off the floor.

And last, but not least, is a really cool idea for anyone with a pool. Live by a lake? This would be great for you. This would make a unique gift for Christmas!

Pool Towel & Accessory Organizer |Life With Lorelai

This PVC Towel Rack for pool owners or lake home inhabitants would be easy to construct. What a great way to keep things organized and not have them just strewn around the poolside.

How do you like these Organization Tips & Tricks?

Do you have any Tips or Tricks to share?

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38 Responses to 15 Tips & Tricks – Organize Your Home

  1. Sharon Jacksic Garreau (Over yonder) says:

    Love, love organization! Great post!!

  2. Liga Zervena says:

    Love, love love this post!!! My house definitely needs some organization! Bookmarking this to come back!

  3. ChrissyF says:

    Epic! An organizers dream post. I got some great ideas to consider. The junk drawer is always my pet peeve. For sure I’ll be Pinteresting you!

  4. These are fabulous ideas! I LOVE the altoid tin repurposing. How smart is that?

  5. Lorelai, these are fantastic! I didn’t know you were such a thrifty organizer. I also wasn’t aware of your ‘flood’ issue. Oh my goodness, I can’t even imagine.

    I am going to use several of these ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    • I’m glad you found these fantastic! I actually thought about you, Regina, while I preparing the post and how your Inn is at the Lake…how would that nifty towel rack work for you? And please, share this with your friends! 🙂

  6. meekoli says:

    Thanks for sharing! Those are really great tips! I know my daughter can def use the Flip-Flop one! I could use the pool, mint tins, gift wrap ideas for sure. Another thing our family does is we have 1 big gift bag n store all other sized bags in it- that we have used over the years- regifting the gift bag! It’s fun to find a bag for any occassion! 🙂

  7. meekoli says:

    Reblogged this on Kupongirl and commented:
    Check out these great tips!

  8. I was just wondering what I could do with my toilet paper rolls. Thanks for sharing!

  9. kindredvine says:

    Excellent! I’m always always looking for ways to organize! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Anna says:

    A great organizing post! Love the shoes Letter Organizers, except we are dealing here more with heavy boots than with flip-flops :(. So many nice ideas, thank you for sharing!

  11. These are all some great tips and a few of them have me saying “why didn’t I think of this before?” I am so going to use a few of these. Thank you!!!!

  12. Wow,awesome post. I especially love the ones about organizing the electronics.

  13. Fantastic post! I LOVE organization!!! 🙂

  14. Adelien Tan says:

    Great tips, they are very creative and fantastic… Thanks for sharing

  15. I really love these ideas. I especially like the one to organize manuals and warranties. I SO need to do that. I was pulling a pan out the other day and my Pyrex 4-cup glass measuring bowl fell out, hit the metal floor grate and disintegrated into 1000 tiny pieces. Sigh. All because I was hurrying. I need to do the gift wrap deal too. Thanks for all these cool ideas!

  16. oooh love the gift wrap one. sure beats my current method: shove tissue paper in the box where I store gifts and hope it doesn’t tear/wrinkle TOO much before I use it again.

  17. Love the flip flop one!! Too, too cute!!
    and all the others are great as well.
    I cam over from the Home Matters Linky Party

  18. Awesome Lorelai! I love the flip flop idea. I need to do some reorganizing around here!

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