Happy 21st Birthday, Kirk!

Kirk - Newborn

Happy 21st Birthday, Kirk!

Kirk, Rory, and cousin - Easter 4-16-2006

Kirk, Rory, and cousin – Easter 4-16-2006

I found these awesome pictures on my computer one day…
Kirk had been making faces while playing with my webcam! LOL
I put them together in a GIF for you.

Kirk plays with the webcam GIF 01msdelay

Happy Birthday, son!
Hope you have a fantastic day, and CHEERS to a bright future!
Love you!!!

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41 Responses to Happy 21st Birthday, Kirk!

  1. Awwww, time goes by so quickly, huh? Happy, Happy Birthday to Kirk. May he enjoy his big milestone birthday!

  2. Happy 21st to you Kirk!! They sure do grow up really fast don’t they? Awesome pictures!

  3. Alicia J says:

    Son????!! Wow! You look amazing by the way!

    Happy Birthday Kirk! Time flies huh?

  4. Precious memories!! What a tribute. Happy Birthday Kirk!

  5. AWWW how sweet! Happy Birthday to your son Kirk.

  6. Happy Birthday, Kirk! I love all the pictures 🙂 You are so nice, no blackmail material at all LOL

  7. AWW! Great pictures! Happy Birthday Kirk! I hope you were able to share it together!

  8. I see he has your sense of humor 🙂 He’s a good looking kid! Wow, 21! That’s amazing. Happy Birthday! My little guy is turning 8 on Wednesday so I can’t even imagine!!!!

  9. Love those web cam gif photos! It is amazing how quickly our kids grow and move forward!!

  10. Happy Birthday to your son Kirk. My boy will be 21 next year, I know how it feels, where did time go …

  11. Happy birthday Kirk! You have such good looking kids Lorelai 🙂

  12. Alli says:

    Happy 21st Birthday, Kirk! I love how your blog was all about your son today. Precious.

  13. Liga Zervena says:

    Happy birthday Kirk! What a handsome young man he has become 🙂

  14. Happy Birthday Kirk, I agree with Missy, what a good looking bunch of kids!

  15. Nice to see the picture showing how he grows. Happy birthday, Kirk. God bless you and family.

  16. Carli says:

    Awwwwwww this is such a cute post! Love it! Happy Birthday! Enjoy your 20’s man cuz they go by so QUICK!

  17. beignetmamas says:

    Aww, happy birthday Kirk! Don’t you just sometimes wish you could keep them as little babies? 🙂 I hope he had a fantastic birthday!!!

  18. swood97 says:

    Time goes by far too quickly with our babies. Mine are all grown up and married….it was just yesterday they were babies.

  19. jenae60 says:

    Great post! Enjoyed it very much.

  20. ericrluna says:

    Ha! That is awesome I hope you cherish them always. He certainly looked like a very happy lad growing up. I guess you did pretty good!

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