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Home for the Holidays - Life With Lorelai

Welcome to My

Home for the Holidays!

A little over a week ago, I showed you some of the decorations in my house as we are Getting Ready For Christmas. You can see them here. Today, I thought I would share more of the decorations in our home. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Entry Decorations - Life With Lorelai

Our entry, full of fresh Christmas greens, offers a Christmasy aroma as you step through the door. Pine cones, garlands, jingle bells and snowflakes provide a warm and welcoming entry. The pot belly stove is there year round, but the addition of the old fashioned street lamp adds a beautiful glow.

Mistletoe Hung by the Door - Life With Lorelai

Of course, what would Christmas be without Mistletoe?!? *Mwah!*

We love our little snow covered village. All the lights twinkling through the windows, and all the people milling about brings lots of wondering about their small town lives to mind.

And what do you think of our wonderful Mistletoe Stick? It hangs above the little town on a Snowflake hook so we can take it off and have great fun! I also have a couple of my snowflakes (like the ones hanging from my recessed lighting and other places around the house) hanging from the branch. I love the shadows the Mistletoe Stick creates.

This lovely Silver Filigree and Crystal Angel sits atop the crystal hutch in my living room. It is surrounded by garland and pearl lights. The lights are the same ones I used to decorate the little 4-foot tree in my mother’s room for her last Christmas. The poinsettia ribbon matches the bow work on my throw pillows.

Christmas Antique Wash Basin and Pitcher - Life With LorelaiMy Great Grandmother’s wash basin and pitcher bedazzle with poinsettia and lighted garland. It sits above my mother’s hutch (probably my most favorite piece of furniture of hers) that is also festooned with the snowflakes.

Christmas Hearth and Mantle - Life With LorelaiHere is our beautiful fireplace, the focal point in our den. It’s a cozy place to sit and relax and listen to the firewood crackling as it warms the room and hearts.

Christmas Mantel Pieces - Life With LorelaiSanta Claus, oil lamps, music boxes, and a large bowl with candle, Christmas greens and cranberries accompany the poinsettia garland running across the mantle. On the far right sits the snowman mug and plate just waiting for Christmas Eve to be filled with milk and cookies for Santa.

Firewood Basket with Christmas Greens and Large Bow - Life With LorelaiA basket filled with firewood (our version) and Christmas greens is tied with a gorgeous huge bow. These Christmas greens make the room smell wonderful.

You may have noticed that we have no stockings hung by the fireplace with care…

Stockings on the Staircase - Life With LorelaiThat’s because the stockings hang in the staircase in the middle of our home. They can be seen by visitors when they first arrive, and we can look at and wished upon the stockings all season long. My mother made needlepoint stockings for all of her grandchildren, they are amazing. The stockings get hung by the fireplace on Christmas Eve that way we can enjoy the fireplace without fear of destroying the stockings.

Christmas Artwork - Life With LorelaiMy kitchen is filled with childhood memories. Many of the Christmas arts and crafts my children created over the years hang happily in the heart of the home.

Dining Room Table Christmas Setting - Life With LorelaiMy formal dining room doesn’t usually get used for a large fancy holiday dinner. Our tradition is to have German lunch meats for our big celebration on Christmas Eve. The table is dressed with my mother’s hand cross-stitched tablecloth, and set for Christmastime with a special centerpiece crafted piece by piece. The red dishes used are Rory’s that she inherited this past year from her paternal grandmother.

Here’s a closer view of the centerpiece…

Dining Room Christmas Centerpiece - Life With LorelaiPine candle holders surround a round sparkly gold box and have poinsettias, glittered baby’s breath,  lightly glittered pine cones, acrylic Christmas trees (salt and pepper shakers), and iridescent glass balls tucked around and about. On the gold box is placed my gold riser that is carved all the way around with angels playing musical instruments. At the top of the centerpiece my acrylic angel sounds the horn of glad tidings. I love the way all of the different pieces sparkle and shine in the candlelight.

I hope you have enjoyed your tour of our Home for the Holidays. We wish you a blessed and very Merry Christmas!

Do you have any special things that have been passed down through the generations for Christmas decorating?

What are some of your family decorating traditions?

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28 Responses to Home For The Holidays

  1. reginapartain says:

    Hi Lorelai. Your home is decorated beautifully. I love the idea of hanging the homemade items in the kitchen. What a great idea.

  2. your home is beautiful, i love your snow village!

    • The village has always been one of my kids favorite things. They were so excited to have it up this year since we didn’t get to decorate last year due to the major flood we had. Have a Merry Christmas! 🙂

  3. Brandi @ Finding the Path for Me says:

    I love, love the landing by the stairs! Thanks for sharing. Hope your holiday is wonderful!!

  4. Alli says:

    Decorations that have a story behind them are always my favorite. Thanks for the beautiful home tour.

  5. Everything is just beautiful Lorelai! I love the beautiful bow with mistletoe! I always forget to add it in my decorating. Merry Christmas!! ~Renee

  6. My first ooh ahhhh moment was the spot at under staircase. so quaint and beautiful, but the kitchen of memories is right up there too! I love how you have one room dedicated to all those fun memories, as you put it the heart of the home. Merry Christmas! Stay warm by the fire and enjoy making even more memories together 🙂
    (i seriously thought i’d see a tree decorated with pumpkins.. wonder why i was thinking that!??)

    • Hahaha! Now there is an idea for next year. Luke did ask if I was going to be carving something for Christmas… It was so nice to have my kids artwork up again since they didn’t even make it out last year because of the flood. They are precious memories. Enjoy your Christmas! 🙂

  7. Cherie @ incherieswords.com says:

    Thanks for showing us your beautiful home. My children have always wanted the village layout as you have. I’m thinking on investing for next year. But especially love how you add the children’s hand crafted items into your decorating. Love, love, love it!
    Have a great weekend and Happy Holidays, Lorelai!!

  8. Natalie says:

    Everything is awesome! I love that you use homespun items with vintage pieces surrounded by bits of natural embellishments. Very homey! Have a marvelous Christmas!

  9. madeactually says:

    Nicely done! Too bad it can’t stay up longer, huh?!

    • I know right… and this year is even shorter than most with Thanksgiving having been so late. We will keep the decorations up past New Year’s Eve, so that will be fun to enjoy. Have a Merry Christmas! 🙂

  10. Alicia says:

    I love your decor Lorelai! I could imagine your house being warm and welcoming.. and I can smell cookies baking and candles that smell like Christmas! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us!!

  11. Everything looks beautiful! I LOVE the fresh greens decor! Just perfect!

  12. Really, really pretty. I love that staircase and those adorable little houses!

  13. Wow you house has so many memories every where! I love love love that you kept your kids crafts and still hang them! That is my favorite one!

  14. Rebekah says:

    Your home looks so cozy!
    I have ornaments from my mother, every year she would get each child a ornament and then send them with each child as they left home. It made a great start to my family’s tree and it is a tradition I hope to continue with my children.

    • That is a nice tradition. My kids grandmother did the same thing, and they have a nice little bunch of ornaments to take with them when they move out. It is always fun to hang those special ornaments on the tree.

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