My Birthday On Mount Pilatus, Switzerland

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It’s My Birthday!

For my birthday this year, I wanted to share a special birthday memory. It happened to be my Golden Birthday, the age that matches the day of the month you were born, and it may have been the best birthday of my life!

I was lucky enough to go on three family trips to Europe. These trips took me to eleven European countries and provided me the incredible opportunity to spend three birthdays in a way that most people do not get to experience. Allow me to take you on a trip to Mount Pilatus, in the Lucerne Valley of central Switzerland, where I celebrated my 8th birthday.

Lucerne Valley, Switzerland Collage

August 8, 1971, what a wonderful day! I have very fond memories of my 8th birthday. When you turn the age matching the day of the month of your birthday, it is said to be your Golden Birthday… indeed it was! I spent my 8th birthday in Lucerne, Switzerland.

We woke early and headed out to Mount Pilatus. We spent our day traveling to the top, exploring, seeing the beauty that lay around us, and learning the history of the peak with its rich legends and lore.

Boating on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland Collage

We began our day trip with a boat ride across the beautiful Lake Lucerne to the base of Mount Pilatus. Once across, we made our way to the Aerial Gondola station where our journey up the mountain would begin.

Aerial Gondola Mount Pilatus, Switzerland Collage

We stepped into the gondola that took us part way up the mountain. The Lucerne Valley is breathtaking. We saw edelweiss, goats, sheep and cows, shepherds, longhorn blowers and yodelers.

Family Trip Mt Pilatus, Switzerland 1971 - Collage1

Cogwheel Railroad Mount Pilatus, Switzerland Collage

We then boarded a train that would take us up near the top of Mount Pilatus. This train is the steepest Cogwheel Railway in the world with a maximum gradient of 48 percent. The train took us to the Hotel Pilatus-Kulm, where we stopped for something to eat before continuing our ascent to the summit.

Family Trip Mount Pilatus, Switzerland 1971 - Collage2

The Hotel Pilatus-Kulm, built in 1890, is a romantic destination with a sun terrace and gorgeous views. After eating, we took to the trails and hiked the rest of the way to the top of Mount Pilatus. My sister and I even got to pet a cow. We were so high up the mountain that we were above some clouds. The fog swirled around us and was cold and wet. Our mother bought us some really “attractive” raincoats.

Mount Pilatus, Switzerland Collage

Mt. Pilatus, home of giants and dragons, towers above the Lake Lucerne region to an elevation of 2.132 meters, and once at the top, you have a panoramic view of 73 Alpine Peaks.

Legend has it that in the year 1420, a dragon rock fell from the sky, and Mount Pilatus became the home of the legendary dragons of lore. The most famous of these is a winged dragon that used a dragon-stone to divulge his healing powers with an elixir that revived weakened spirits and healed sick souls.

The mountain may hide another secret. According to local folklore, it is the final resting place of Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor. Legend says that every year on Good Friday, the tormented soul of Pontius Pilate surfaces to cleanse his tortured soul.

Family Trip Lucerne, Switzerland 1971 - Collage3

After an exhilarating day, we journeyed back across the lake to our hotel where we celebrated my birthday with a Sacher Torte and some other little goodies before heading off to bed in a comfy, cozy, feather bed.

It was an amazing day, an amazing birthday, an amazing adventure, and a heartwarming lifelong memory.

I hope you have enjoyed your little visit to Mount Pilatus in the Lucerne Valley of Switzerland. Thank you for sharing the memories of my 8th birthday with me.

Have you ever been to Mount Pilatus?

What about Switzerland?

Where in the World have You been?

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14 Responses to My Birthday On Mount Pilatus, Switzerland

  1. Shirley Wood says:

    Those are wonderful memories and love the old photos. Pictures have certainly come a long way in a short time. ♪Happy Birthday♪
    The farthest I have been from home is Canada and we did drive there from Georgia!

  2. Sahana says:

    Looks like a adventurous trip !!Belated Golden Birthday wishes Lorelai 🙂 Europe trip is in our bucket list.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YYYOOOUUU!!! What a fantastic trip, and I LOVE the pics! Switzerland is on my list of places to go! The closest I have been to there is London, England.

  4. Vee says:

    How Cool!! I’m like you, I like to celebrate my birthdays somewhere besides my own surroundings. Most of mine have been spent in other cities and states other than my own, but never in another country.
    I have been to Europe once. Paris, Netherlands (mostly Rotterdam and vicinity), and finally Ireland. It was a very special thing to get to go… I also found out how much I love the USA!!

    • I had very few birthday parties–with a summer birthday, we were always on vacation. But these memories I think last longer. I love it. 🙂 I’ve been to France, but we didn’t make it Paris…must go back.

  5. Amanda Love says:

    What a beautiful celebration. Switzerland is actually one of the places I want to visit along with Italy and France. I have been to the UK but that’s the only place on the other side of the pond I’ve been. Thank you for sharing some of your birthday celebration with us. Love the old fashioned photos too. 🙂

  6. Zan says:

    Precious memories! What a wonderful time you must have had at that age – love the photos!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

  7. Alli says:

    Happy belated Birthday! And what special memories of those special days!

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