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Here is a blip from the first post on the New Self-Hosted Life With Lorelai blog…

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Life With Lorelai Goes Self-Hosted

Exciting news! My little blog has taken a big leap, and I hope you will continue to enjoy the journey with me as Life With Lorelai goes self-hosted. I have to admit I was shaking like a leaf when I pressed the buttons to take GoDaddy up on its fantastic $1/month for a year of self-hosted Managed WordPress offer. Thank you, Christy Keen of Big Otter Books blog, for sharing about this deal in our facebook group.

I am having loads of fun checking out plug-ins and other fun goodies that are now available to me with the new platform. There is also a lot of work involved in getting everything up and running smoothly… and hopefully, quickly. Please bare with me as I learn how to do this, and let me know if you find something that is not working correctly or that could be done better.


See you at the New Blog!



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