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Our Little Happiness Jar…

Times are tight and tough right now for Rory and me. So, I thought I would do something to remind us that we are still blessed in many ways. There are still things for which we can be happy. We … Continue reading

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Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho, A Treasure Find Fer Me

Livin’ in th’ ship I grew up in be a blessin’ ‘n a curse. Sure, I be surrounded by all th’ wonderful memories ‘o me childhood, but I mean, literally, I be surrounded! When th’ indoor plumbin’ on the upper … Continue reading

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B Is For… Bring Me A Cadillac Margarita!

It’s Taco Tuesday at Luke’s Diner, and YES, please bring me a Cadillac Margarita! Oh, it’s been a busy day. Phone calls, paperwork, teenage daughter, doing projects around the house, cleaning with FlyLady, and did I mention teenage daughter? I … Continue reading

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Lorelai Gets Lucky With Locky Luke and Bert!

I am one blessed girl to have Luke in my life. He always says, “If the girls can’t find you handsome, let them find you handy!” Lucky me, Luke is both. Luke came over this weekend with Bert the Toolbox, … Continue reading

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We’re FLYing!

Well, with Christopher moved out, and Kirk living and working on campus this summer, it is time for Rory and I to get this house CLEAN!!! I am so excited to be able to clean and not find more mess … Continue reading

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