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X-ray of a Blog – Blogging Tips Series pt. 3

This is the Final article in the Three-part Series. If you missed the First or Second installment of X-ray of a Blog, please go check them out. … FADE IN: INT. EMERGENCY ROOM PATIENT’S ROOM The doctor holds up the … Continue reading

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1-Month of Blogging!

Life With Lorelai is one-month old today! It’s been quite a month of trying to learn the ins-and-outs of blogging (and I am in no way an expert yet), but I am pleased with the progress my little blog has … Continue reading

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A Cinnamon Roll Morning…

Do not ask me why I felt I had to pop out of bed this morning at 5 AM… It just shouldn’t happen; however, I have thoroughly enjoyed my blissful morning of quiet solitude. A fresh pot of coffee and … Continue reading

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